Why You Can’t Measure the ROI of Social Media (unless you’re a real person)

Love this David and Goliath tale from Jonathan Fields at Career Renegade. The moral of the story?

[I]f you’re a small business or solopreneur Career Renegade and you’ve been wondering about the value of this wacky thing called social media, fact is you’ve got a huge advantage over large corporations right now. You have the ability to actually convert time spent on social media into money in the bank. And, have a lot of fun doing it.

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  1. Diana Daffner, IntimacyRetreats.com

    >>have a lot of fun doing it
    Almost too much fun, that’s a potential problem!
    Short replies and even blog commenting is much easier for me than writing longer articles for magazine publication. And it’s such fun to “get published” instantly.
    Yet social media networking does work. Traffic to my website keeps increasing as I hang out in cyberspace. Our workshops are filling. And my book is selling.
    It’s hard to tell if it’s really a direct result, a true R.O.I., but putting energy out into the universe always gets things moving. And what fun that it’s free.


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